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New partner: Nordic LCA 

The Danish market for EPD and LCA services is rapidly evolving, driven by increasing regulatory demands and a growing awareness of environmental sustainability. Companies across various industries are seeking reliable methods to document and reduce their environmental impact, making EPDs and LCAs essential tools for compliance and competitive advantage. 

We at LCA.no are therefore pleased to announce that we are strengthening our presence in Denmark through a strategic partnership with Nordic LCA.

Exploring the Potential of Wood: Sustainable, Stylish, and Cost-effective

We have interviewed Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology (NTI). NTI is Norway’s leading research environment in wood utilization and continuously works to create competitive solutions through targeted R&D, knowledge dissemination, and quality documentation. Since 1949, NTI has been at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and quality in the wood industry. With 111 member companies and a strong focus on research and development, the institute helps shape the future of wood solutions.