Strategic Partnership with American sustainability consulting firm; Labeling Sustainability

We are happy to announce a strategic partnership between Labeling Sustainability and The new collaboration elevates sustainable reporting practices for organizations across the America with accessible and cost-effective EPD services.

About the Partnership

The partnership between and Labeling Sustainability aims to combine expertise and expand the reach of sustainability services. We share the integrity and commitment to the EPD process and are excited to enhance reporting standards in the building materials markets in the United States. Clients will benefit from enhanced transparency, improved supply chain management, and effective ESG strategies, all while increasing market share and profitability.

“We are honored to be chosen as’s first partner in the USA. We share their professional perspective and commitment to the EPD process and are excited to improve reporting standards in the building materials market» Denice Viktoria Staaf, Labeling Sustainability

About Labeling Sustainability

Labeling Sustainability is a full-service sustainability consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations achieve their environmental and business goals. With a strong focus on practical, business-oriented solutions, they provide services that promote sustainability through systematic, science-based processes. Their expertise and dedication make Labeling Sustainability a trusted partner for both large corporate organizations and small to mid-size manufacturers alike.

Labeling Sustainability was born from a graduate project by founder Denice Viktoria Staaf. During her studies, Denice faced the challenge of explaining the complexities of a life cycle analysis and energy audit to the CEO of a chair manufacturing company. Using one of the company’s products for her class project, she presented her findings, only to be met with a critical question from the CEO: “What will all this sustainability information do for my organization, and how can I use it to increase market share?”

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Determined to find a practical solution, Denice developed a sustainability label highlighting the product’s key sustainable attributes. She presented the label to the CEO, who immediately saw its potential. He implemented the label as a hang tag on every chair his company sold. This simple yet powerful tool quickly gained traction, with local universities using it to promote their sustainability classes and the CEO receiving speaking invitations from across the country to discuss sustainability.

From its modest origins, Labeling Sustainability has blossomed into a mission-driven organization, using Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to boost profits and craft compelling narratives that deeply resonate with stakeholders.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Labeling Sustainability, marking a milestone for as we expand our efforts to the USA. This collaboration strengthens our work with verified environmental documentation and EPD by combining our expertise with Labeling Sustainability’s knowledge and familiarity with the U.S. market. Together, we will enhance companies’ sustainable competitiveness,” says Trond Edvardsen, CEO of

About AS is a provider of tools and services for environmental documentation and innovation. We make EPD simple and cost-saving through our cloud-based EPD Generator. is a fairly young company, founded in 2016, but the backbone of the company is over 35 years of research and development of LCA analyses and environmental documentation. The company was founded in its time by the research institute Norsus. 
Developing an EPD is often time-consuming and resource-intensive, so developed the EPD Generator to simplify the process. Our tools use research-based data and comply with international standards. This makes sure that our tools have a high professional quality while making the development of environmental documentation and analyzes effective and resource-saving. 

Our goal is to provide business with sustainable competitiveness, and we currently serve customers on four continents. 

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More information about the partnership

If you have any questions about the partnership or eager for more information, please contact:

Labeling Sustainability:

Denice Viktoria Staaf, 

ESG Consultant and Circularity Expert Trond Edvardsen, CEO, tlf + 47 905 71 091

                  Terese Troy Prebensen, CFO, tlf +47 958 61 254,