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Greenhouse gas accounting

Greenhouse gas accounting are analyzes that calculate the carbon footprint from company or organization’s products or activities. has developed tools that can help private and public organizations calculate and reduce their carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint may be linked to both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. The direct emissions can, for example, come from the incineration of diesel, while indirectly emissions are linked to the production of the fuel. The analyzes in the tool are based on LCA, which includes both direct and indirect emissions.

An LCA includes greenhouse gas emissions from raw materials and energy products, transport, production processes and use / operation up until final disposal for all activities in the business. A business’s total carbon footprint can for instance be calculated over a year. Our tools are also used for greenhouse gas accounting of individual activities or products, and can be customized to the needs of users.

Examples of use:

  • Calculation of carbon footprint for a business based on resource use and production activities, including transport services and energy use.
  • Optimized handling of regional household waste with associated transport, emissions from treatment and replaced material / energy.
  • Analysis of packaging solutions with regard to materials selection in order to optimize resource use and reduce waste, in a lifecycle perspective.

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