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Greenhouse gas accounting

Project Carbon footprints

A project can be a small-scale project or a large multimillion infrastructure project, but regardless of its size all projects contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The demand for reporting these emissions is increasing for both governments and contractors. For instance, from July 1st, 2023, according to the regulations of TEK17, greenhouse gas calculations must be done for all apartment and commercial buildings. In the coming years greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced drastically, and it is not unlikely that your project also must report its carbon footprint very soon.

There are multiple tools for carbon footprint calculations in the market, but most of them are very detailed many options and properties. Others are only Excel-based or are created specifically for calculating carbon footprint of buildings.

LCA Project wishes to add a different alternative to the market. The tool features an easy-to-use interface and only the data that your company actually needs. In this way, you as a user will feel less overwhelmed, and have an easier time calculating your carbon footprint.

LCA Project can be used for calculations of carbon footprint for different types of projects, such as buildings, construction works, utilities infrastructure (water, electricity, heating, ventilation) and furniture. It is possible to create different projects and project types. For every project you can add, for instance, the litres of diesel used on an excavator or meters of cable pipes that was installed in a trench.

The tool can also import/export data in different formats and can be integrated with other systems.

Are you tired of punching data into Excel-sheets or other complicated reporting systems? LCA Project can help you calculate the carbon footprint of your projects in an easier way!

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