Marthe Ruttenborg

Miljørådgiver / Totenflak

Marthe is educated at NTNU in Trondheim and has a bachelor's degree in Renewable Energy Engineering with specialization in energy efficiency in buildings and a master's degree in Industrial Ecology with specialization in quantification of environmental impacts using life cycle analysis (LCA). In addition, she has also completed a one-year study program in economics.

The bachelor's degree has given her knowledge of the entire energy system - from energy production, distribution, storage, use and all connections between these. During her master's degree, she has learned to quantify environmental impacts using various tools, such as LCA, MFA (material flow analysis) and I-O (input-output) analysis, as well as how emissions affect the environment and various measures to mitigate climate change.

Marthe wrote the master's thesis in collaboration with Sintef. The thesis was about assessing the greenhouse gas emissions and uncertainty in the calculations related to an apartment building built with two different materials; wood and concrete.