Gaspard Philis

LCA/EPD Rådgiver (PhD)

Gaspard has a bachelor in food science, a master in industrial ecology, and has just finished 4 years of doctoral research at the department of biological sciences in NTNU-Ålesund. During his Ph.D., Gaspard worked with the LCA methodology to quantify the environmental impacts of salmon aquaculture systems. His research efforts concentrated on measuring the life cycle impacts of salmon sea-lice treatments used by Norwegian farmers and investigate how these treatments affect the environmental footprint of net pen salmons. More about his research can be found on Google Scholar.

Gaspard’s responsibility involves guiding customers through the development of environmental declarations (EPD/PEF) and leverage the LCA-methodology to help companies quantify and reduce their environmental burden. He will also work to develop LCA-based activities for the aquaculture and food industry.