On third party verification of EPDs and tools

Validity and quality of third party verified EPD.

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Program operator verified EPDs

All EPDs that are third party verified and published on EPD-Norway are in accordance to all the relevant standards for approval and verification of EPDs. This also goes for LCA.no and our EPD generator. 

Every EPD tool is approved according to EPD-Norway’s standards and procedures. This mean that EPDs developed through LCA.no’s tool are valid.

Verification of LCA.no EPD-generator 

There are three important areas when it comes to verification of EPDs, both published and project specific:

  • Third party verification of the system itself (tools, data and routines)
  • Development and internal verification of EPD
  • Control and documentation during the verification period 

Third party verification of the tool itself

For every PCR-application an extensive report is sent to third party verification. Here they check all the areas that might lead to variation and error in the system. This verification is split into three areas:

  • Pre-verification of the tool itself
  • Pre-verification of LCA data that are the basis for the calculations
  • Pre-verification of routines for internal verification at the user end

In addition, EPD-Norway performs a check up on every EPD that is published in their database.

Press here to read EPD-Norways announcement about third party verification.