New partner: Nordic LCA 

The Danish market for EPD and LCA services is rapidly evolving, driven by increasing regulatory demands and a growing awareness of environmental sustainability. Companies across various industries are seeking reliable methods to document and reduce their environmental impact, making EPDs and LCAs essential tools for compliance and competitive advantage. 

We at are therefore pleased to announce that we are strengthening our presence in Denmark through a strategic partnership with Nordic LCA. The strong professional approach of Nordic LCA fits well with our own, and we look forward to collaborating to provide businesses with sustainable competitiveness through cloud-based and verified environmental documentation – EPD. 

Choosing to Partner with 

The decision to sign a partner agreement with was driven by several factors for the Nordic LCA-team. First and foremost was the alignment of both companies’ visions and values.’s innovative software solutions perfectly complemented Nordic LCA’s expertise in environmental assessments, allowing for more precise and comprehensive analyses. Additionally, the partnership promised to streamline processes and enhance the quality of services provided to clients, ensuring they receive the best possible outcomes in their sustainability efforts. 

– A strong professional partner network is important to us at, says CEO Trond Edvardsen. Through our partners, we reach even more forward-thinking companies with our tools for developing verified environmental documentation. The collaboration with Nordic LCA also ensures that we have a highly knowledgeable partner with whom we can discuss topics such as methodology, regulations, and legislation. 

Expectations from the Partnership 

Nordic LCA expects this partnership to significantly bolster their capabilities in delivering high-quality LCA and EPD services. By integrating’s software tools, Nordic LCA aims to improve data accuracy, efficiency, and the overall value provided to clients. The partnership also opens avenues for collaborative innovation, enabling both companies to stay at the forefront of sustainability developments and offer cutting-edge solutions to their clients. 

About Nordic LCA: 

In Aalborg in the year 2022, the idea for Nordic LCA was born. The business journey was created from a deep fascination for our planet and a strong belief that companies can play a crucial role in protecting the environment. The team consists of Emil Pedersen og Selma Al-Zohairi. Both completed their M.Sc. in Environmental Management and Sustainability Science in 2019 at Aalborg University. After their master’s studies, Emil continued to write a Ph.D. on life cycle assessment and life cycle management, while Selma focused her Ph.D. on life cycle assessment and circular bioeconomy. 

As a small team, Nordic LCA offers several unique advantages compared to larger consultancy firms. Clients receive direct and personalized attention from the founders, ensuring a deep understanding of their specific needs and goals. Nordic LCA can adapt quickly to changes and provide tailored solutions without the bureaucratic delays often seen in larger organizations. With fewer hands involved, there’s a higher level of consistency and quality control throughout the entire project. Clients benefit from a close, collaborative relationship, fostering better communication and more effective problem-solving. Operating with a lean structure, Nordic LCA can offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. 

About AS is a provider of tools and services for environmental documentation and innovation. We make EPD simple and cost-saving through our cloud-based EPD Generator. are a fairly young company, founded in 2016, but the backbone of the company is over 35 years of research and development of LCA analyzes and environmental documentation. The company was founded in its time by the research institute Norsus. 
Development of an EPD is often time-consuming and resource-intensive and has developed a tool, the EPD Generator, to simplify this process. 

Our tools use research-based data and comply with international standards to ensure the best possible quality. This makes sure that our tools have a high professional quality while making the development of environmental documentation and analyzes effective and resource-saving. 

Our goal is to provide business with sustainable competitiveness and we currently have customers on four continents.