LCA Tools


LCA Tools

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is an analysis method that calculates environmental impact throughout the lifetime of a multitude of activities. An LCA can be performed for a single product, or entries constructions, services and businesses. In order to promote green competitiveness in Norway, life-cycle assessments are a key principle of public investment and procurement.

Life Cycle Assessment are resource-consuming and often time-consuming analyzes that are usually done in advanced software. For many businesses, traditional software for LCA will be too extensive. We therefore develop customized and simplified LCA tools for businesses. Please contact us for a specific offer.

  • Tools can be expanded or further developed as needed
  • Possibility of automatic data transfer
  • Export of results to Excel, XML and PDF report
  • All tools have their own support area

All calculations in the tool and all basic data are verified by an objective person (third party). The user can not manipulate neither basic data nor calculations.

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