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Construction and real estate

This theme area focuses on the building, construction and real-estate industry, which represents a very significant part of overall societal energy use and environmental impact. Construction encompasses many different products with different functions, lifetimes and need for maintenance and replacement. Much of the environmental performance of a building is determined in the planning and design stage. Furthermore, existing buildings – which may have limited adaptability and significantly greater energy use and need for maintenance than newer builds – face severe challenges. Decisions affecting environmental impacts are taken by various stakeholders in collaboration; such decisions should be informed by the best available environmental information, used correctly. Specific issues with which we work include:

  • The demand for environmentally friendly products and services, and the use of environmental criteria in purchasing / procurement
  • Documentation and improvement of products’ impacts throughout the value chain and their effect on overall environmental impact of a building
  • Mapping and improvement of practice in the use phase, management, operation, maintenance and development (known as FDVU)
  • Achieving consensus on use of data, methods and systems to ensure proper documentation and comparability of environmental information


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