Tools for digital environmental declarations.

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EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a document describing the environmental impact of a product or service.

Environmental Declarations (EPD) are:

  • Approved by an independent third party
  • Comparable, since they are developed according to specific standards
  • Publicly available
  • Combinable, results from EPDs can be put together to form the basis of environmental assessments for larger projects

EPD generator Development of an EPD is often time-consuming and resource-intensive. LCA.no has developed a tool (EPD generator) to simplify this process.

About the EPD-generator

The EPD generator allows companies to develop EPDs themselves. At the beginning of a project a company or industry-specific database is established in cooperation with LCA.no. The database will contain environmental data for relevant raw materials, energy, transport and waste.

The company itself registers product composition, transport information, energy consumption and waste from production. The system automatically calculates environmental impacts adapted to EPD format.

All calculations in the tool and background data are verified by an independent person (third party). The user cannot manipulate neither the background data nor calculations. By following these principles, the EPDs developed in the generator are approved as third party verified EPDs.

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