We offer consultation in different areas.

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Life Cycle Assessments

Life cycle assessments(LCA) are the foundations of all of our tools and analyses. LCA is a method for assessing the total global warming potential from the whole value chain of a product. We develop custom fitted LCA-tools for multiple types of businesses, in addition to our environmental declarations(EPD), and carbon accounting. This could be tools for environmental documentation of transport solutions, product development processes, waste management, and circular economic solutions.

In many cases, a tool is not enough to cover the needs of the users. That is why offers consultation relating to interpreting and usage of the results from our tools.

We help you

If you should have need of one or a limited amount of EPDs we can help you in developing such an EPD. We also have multiple approved verifiers that may assist if you have already developed such documentation, and are in need of a third party verifier.