About us

LCA.no AS is a provider of tools and services for environmental documentation and innovation. Our tools use research-based data and comply with international standards to ensure the best possible quality. This collaboration means that our tools have a high professional quality while making the development of environmental documentation and analyzes effective and resource-saving.

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Trond Edvardsen

Chief Executive Officer

Soroosh Maghsoudi

Chief Commercial Officer

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(+47) 988 81 717

Mie Vold

Chief Scientific Officer

Ole Iversen

Chief Technology Officer

Natasa Balic

Chief Operating Officer

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(+47) 908 45 203

Terese Troy Prebensen

Chief Financial Officer

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Marina Edvardsen

Head of administration


Caecilia Wernersen

Customer Success Manager

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(+47) 916 50 916

Anes Erik Bakjia

Customer Success Manager

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(+47) 916 50 916


Arman Balic

Tech Lead


Gaspard Philis

LCA Specialist (PHD)

Marthe Ruttenborg

LCA Specialist

Jeroen Graafland

LCA Specialist

Camilla Emilie Ruud

LCA Specialist


Frode Kværneng


Jørn Christen Johnsen

Board Member

Therese Troy Prebensen

Board Member

Thorfinn Hansen

Board Member