About us

LCA.no AS is a provider of tools and services for environmental documentation and innovation. Our tools use research-based data and comply with international standards to ensure the best possible quality. This collaboration means that our tools have a high professional quality while making the development of environmental documentation and analyzes effective and resource-saving.

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Trond Edvardsen

Chief Executive Officer

Soroosh Maghsoudi

Chief Commercial Officer

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(+47) 988 81 717

Mie Vold

Chief Scientific Officer

Ole Iversen

Chief Technology Officer

Natasa Balic

Chief Project Officer

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(+47) 908 45 203


Marina Edvardsen

LCA Specialist


Caecilia Wernersen

Customer Success Manager

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(+47) 916 50 916

Anes Erik Bakjia

Customer Success Manager

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(+47) 916 50 916


Gaspard Philis

LCA Specialist (PHD)

Marthe Ruttenborg

LCA Specialist

Jeroen Graafland

LCA Specialist

Camilla Emile Ruud

LCA Specialist